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As a newbie you're probably interested in the basics!

What does UNBRIDLED stand for?

No, it’s not about ponies, but about lifestyle and travel! When you think of synonyms, you will get the relation:

unrestrained, unbound, free, uncurbed or wild.

Now it should be pretty clear what Unbridled stands for: a free and unbound life with lots adventures!

In order to achieve this type of lifestyle, I have sold my stuff, I moved out of my apartment in Berlin and started my new life. Now, I am calling myself  a digital nomad and I am traveling around the world with a huuuge backpack!

If you’d like to read more about the life-changing decision I made, use the button below.

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Who will feel comfortable on Unbridled?

  • Backpacker
  • Individual traveler (also works with a suitcase)
  • Couples or groups of friends
  • People who rather appreciate the cultural background in traveling than to be served at a resort
  • People who like to be active, be up to adventures and like to try something new
  • But especially people who need the last push in direction “New Lifestyle”, “New Vacation”, or “Personl Freedom”! So, certainly people who are still dreaming and wishing, but really want to change something
  • And of course people who value my direct writing style and love traveling!

A little signpost for this blog

There are 3 main topics where you can encounter Unbridled over and over again: Travel, Life and Adventures. These are the main pages on this blog, by which I sort my blog posts.

Free Travel: unlimited, impulsive, local and unbridled traveling! That’s how I travel! Discover where I have been so far and get some travel tips for your next journey!

Unbridled Life: To liberate oneself from ingrained habits and mindsets, is a real challenge! Get a kickoff to unbridle yourself or find a sould mate! 😉

Wild Adventures: Daily routine gets super boring after a while – hence get up, go out and throw yourself into an adventure! Or read about my adventures 😉

Would you like to work with me?

This can happen in three different ways:

I am always happy about guest post requests from other bloggers! It obviously has to fit into my blog style. Special interest goes to places, where I haven’t been yet and awesome activities around the world! So if you’d like to share these with my readers, send me an email! I would appreciate an interchange as well!


I am always looking for new matching corporations in terms of sponsoring and advertisement! Please note, that I only accept these as long as my readers would benefit from them and as long as it meets their needs! These topics are welcome: Activities (Outdoor), small Hotels/Homestays etc., useful gear and products for backpacker, etc. If you are offering one of these and are willing to cooperate – feel free to send me an email!

Of course I would be honored, if you want me as writer for your website! It’s important for me that the website meets my interest though – in terms of quality and topic. So don’t forget to insert your website link in the contact form below! All subtleties in consultation later 😉


Looking forward to your message!

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