Affiliate Disclaimer

I believe in transparency in normal life, as well as in the worldwide web. Therefore, I want to use this space to explain to you what “affiliate” means and how it affects you as a reader.

What is the meaning of “Affiliate”?

In two easy words: Partner and advertisement. An affiliate link leads to a product of an online store, platform, booking website, or similar. When I include affiliate links in my blog, I will receive a commission in case you click and purchase anything. There are no additional costs for you. Sometimes you will even get an extra bonus (i.e. AirBnB).

Why am I using affiliate links?

When I am sure that the product, tour or hotel room matches the content of the article and your interest, I use an affiliate link. I only use products or services that I use or tried myself (otherwise, I tell you that I haven’t used it myself). So see the links as real recommendations  from a friend or fellow traveler.

As I am running this blog in my leisure time and you know time is precious, I include affiliate links to perceive a little compensation for my afford.

So in the end, you don’t even have to send me money or purchase one of my product to support me. Isn’t this awesome?!

Simply click my affiliate links, pay nothing on top and you’ve already supported me and Unbridled.

This would also give me the assurance that you found the information useful and helpful, which means even more to me.

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