My adventure page banner has the mountains of the Glacier National Park as a background.


Always take an adventure

Let’s be serious for a second: Everyday life sucks badly in the long run! What could refresh the daily grind? Exactly – adventures!

I love to throw myself into new adventures!!

The excitement before doing something new, e.g. night dive or skydive, is just irreplaceable!

However, I don’t necessarily wanna go into the extremes on this page, because even going on a hike can be adventurous. You always explore new places on each hike! I don’t know, if you feel the same, but I feel most comfortable in the nature! When you are far away from all the big city noises and especially far away from stress, it is good for the body and mind!

On the other side discovery or exploration tours through a new city or region can be very adventurous as well!

So go ahead, browse through my little adventures and don’t forget to comment while browsing! ?


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