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About Unbridled

And about Nate the Nomad

You most likely noticed that Unbridled is a travel and lifestyle blog. As unbridled stands for unrestrained, free and unbound, the motto of this blog is:

Live a free and unbridled life!

Nothing else gives me such a strong feeling of freedom like travel and adventure. That’s the reason why they have the leading role on Unbridled!

You will find on this website information, tips and reports about long-term traveling and location-independent life.

I am traveling in an unbound and impulsive way. A rough plan helps, too much info and planning restrict, though. I often know only my flight dates and explore the place without much background knowledge. The deeper research is mostly coming afterwards. This way I can explore places in a different way – in my way!

I will show you in an enthusiastic, honest and authentic way that you don’t necessarily have to take the traditional way. You don’t have to work from 9 to 5, you don’t have to marry in your mid 20 and buy a house or start a family at that age. Unless you truly believe that this is your life dream. Then you will most likely become as happy as me with traveling.

Today we have the freedom to do, what makes us happy. So why should we waste this privilege?! Break off the restrictive, societal bonds and do whatever is good for you – and not what others expect from you!

I dared to make this step and I will show you, how I did it and how my unbridled, location-independent life looks like.

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Who is Nate the Nomad?

Me, the author obviously – called Natalie in real life!

The main characteristics that describe me the best: Globetrotter, adventurer, digital nomad, social worker from the heart, a doer, and an optimist.

Doer is actually the base of my being. I highly dislike dreamers that never really follow their dreams. That means: People that preach about their dreams and goals all day long, but never put them into action! These dreams and desires are disappearing into the air while talking about it. I do not want to postpone my wishes and goals – I am a doer! I am in control over my own life and I can create it accordingly.

That’s why I came to my current lifestyle!

How did this start?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “Since my childhood…” story.

I came across the concept of digital nomads towards the end of my study program. After 2 study abroad semesters and lots of traveling during the semester breaks, the urge to travel was growing inside of me more and more. I wanted to be free, without the normal job and no boss.

So travel and work together – but how??? I have already disliked Work & Travel programs years ago, but to do it on my own, felt too insecure, though.

Working at the beach? Probably not - it's pretty uncomfortable and distracting, but I tried!

One day my boyfriend gave me the glorious idea by asking “Did you ever think about working online as a translator or something similar?”

I – the first generation of the internet – instantly thought about rip-offs and minimum wage.

After a lot of research though, it became very interesting to me and I was persuaded!

The test run

Our whole plan was refining more and more: After graduation, we want to explore the world together and work online!

However, I still had my concerns, if it could actually work. So we did a test run to help me to unbridle from concerns and negative thoughts. Nevertheless it is also a life-changing decision that you are not just making carelessly.

Our 2-months-long test run was in Indonesia – our workation (work & vacation). I couldn’t work self-employed yet, but I had some papers for school that were left undone. My boyfriend although worked hard to build up his business empire.

After these 2 months, it was crystal clear for us: That’s what we want in our life! We want to travel open end and work online!

Full of euphoria and optimism we both went back to our homes and then the serious part started.

The preparation 

I had 1 year of preparation. 1 year. That’s 12 months. The decision was made, so there was no way back – thanks to my stubbornness.

After all, there were so many things to take care of! I had to graduate – means Bachelor thesis and internship, etc. I had to make a financial plan so that I have savings for the beginning. I had to figure out a business plan – How will I earn money?

Then I also had to tell everybody, what I am going to do after graduation. You probably can imagine that the reactions were not always positive.

The final period after graduation was the most stressful time though! Sorting my belongings, sell or toss them, cancel all contracts and move out of the apartment – there were many things to take care of!

At the same time, I had to solve all issues with the German bureaucracy.

Although this already was difficult, the hardest part was saying goodbye to all my friends and family. I knew that I am going to miss a lot of important events, but that’s the penalty I have to live with.

The now

Now I am living out of my big backpack, like a real adventurer. 😉

I am working online: Freelancing, Blogging, and Dropshipping.

I have an ever-changing home.

That’s why I proudly call myself “digital nomad“.

I made it happen and I am extremely happy with this life!

I can manage my working hours more flexible so that there is time for adventures and day trips – AND for the beach! 😉

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and send me a mail!

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Signature of Nate the Nomad

Wela ka hao – Live your unbridled life!

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