Crazy in love with DIVING? No?! You should be! 40

Traveling doesn’t need to be only beach and sun! Try to go under the surface – go diving! You don’t have to be afraid, because the positive things predominate – believe me! In this love commitment to diving you’ll find out, why I am crazy in love with diving!

Diese grüne Suppenschildkröte schwamm über meinen Kopf, daher entstand ein Bild von seiner Bauchseite als er zum Luftholen zur Wasseroberfläche schwamm.

Strand mit schwarzen Lavasteinen und einen weißen Sandstreifen, klares Meereswasser und Palmen sind die Reisegründe für diesen Ort

17 travel reasons – ready to pack your bags?

Who do people travel around the globe? There are many many reasons for it! Food? Adventures? Sun? Heartache? In the end everything could be a reason. Read more for my funny, absurd and serious reasons!

drop out study and sitting in an airplane: plane while start in the sky, clouds in the background

Today I drop out of school!

To drop out of school – I had this thought very often over the last year. What has been holding myself from dropping out so far? The guarantee of a job afterwards? My family? Or my own pride? What could possibly happen to me, if I do it though and book a random flight for tomorrow?!

Insider tip for Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is well known for the temples Borobudur and Prambanan. Can these be the insider tip? I will guide you in an area, far away from tourists for my insider tip. The only thing I reveal: the insider tip is hidden in the nature!

Auf dem Weg zum Geheimtipp liegen große Reisfelder

Detours – thats what I love! 18

From Singapore to Indonesia by ferry and flight. That brought me to talk about detours! Detours mean luck – not bad luck! The most important is: Rethink! There is always something positive in such situations! Or at least it always turns out a good story!

Our detours review: standing at the beach looking on the big volcano at sunset

Singapur hat einzigartige Gebäude: dieses zeigt ein Schiff auf 3 Hochhäusern mit einer Art Muschel im Vordergrund und Wasser

50 years Singapore on a budget – the city knows how to draw attention! 1

In Singapore I felt definitely safer than in Honolulu Downtown, so I can totally recommend this city for single-travellers! For architecture-lovers: the city is stunning! I haven’t seen a city with so many different unique buildings yet! And against all odds, that “Singapore is expensive”: I’ve spent like 30-40€ in total and did a lot of things for free!