drop out study and sitting in an airplane: plane while start in the sky, clouds in the background

Today I drop out of school!

To drop out of school – I had this thought very often over the last year. What has been holding myself from dropping out so far? The guarantee of a job afterwards? My family? Or my own pride? What could possibly happen to me, if I do it though and book a random flight for tomorrow?!

Insider tip for Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is well known for the temples Borobudur and Prambanan. Can these be the insider tip? I will guide you in an area, far away from tourists for my insider tip. The only thing I reveal: the insider tip is hidden in the nature!

Auf dem Weg zum Geheimtipp liegen große Reisfelder

Detours – thats what I love! 18

From Singapore to Indonesia by ferry and flight. That brought me to talk about detours! Detours mean luck – not bad luck! The most important is: Rethink! There is always something positive in such situations! Or at least it always turns out a good story!

Our detours review: standing at the beach looking on the big volcano at sunset

Singapur hat einzigartige Gebäude: dieses zeigt ein Schiff auf 3 Hochhäusern mit einer Art Muschel im Vordergrund und Wasser

50 years Singapore on a budget – the city knows how to draw attention! 1

In Singapore I felt definitely safer than in Honolulu Downtown, so I can totally recommend this city for single-travellers! For architecture-lovers: the city is stunning! I haven’t seen a city with so many different unique buildings yet! And against all odds, that “Singapore is expensive”: I’ve spent like 30-40€ in total and did a lot of things for free!

OH YEAH! My own blog!

The beginning of the whole story… A dream of traveling for a long time or the way to a location-indepentent work! Here you’ll find out, how I see the normal working life and how I imagine my perfect day.

Freedom to studying at the beach, mountains in the background, blue ocean